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Welcome to “Ethnic Fashionista“, India’s most curated ethnic wear portal.

We bring you the most loved designs of Indian ethnic wear directly from the manufacturing hubs of india.We understand your problem and we value your time hence we provide you with the most curated and update catalogs of ethnic wear fashion from the industry.Saving you from the pain of going through tons of products you don’t want to buy.

Started in the year 2015, Ethnicfashionista would deliver in more than 200+ countries.With the fastest logistic partners.Currently we have associations with more than 150 brands and supplier partners nationally.We are based out of Bangalore and would love to see you just drop in to our office you here for a cup of coffee.


Our vendors are manufacturers based majorly around Northern India and the quality is assured by us. If you don’t like what you see we can get it zapped out of your hands and fulfill your demand with what you really desired.

Ethnic Fashionista wants to be your personal assistant in shopping with us. Find our team working tirelessly to make the dream of one man to help every distressed guy in the same situation and make the ethnic market a better place to shop digitally.

We are a team of 6 members handling the ups and downs of making the portal a success in your hearts. Try us and let us know what you think and how would you want the site to be in the future. As a very tightly knit team we can assure you the right person would hear you.


Meet our team

  • Akshay

    Second Fleet Commander Mayhem Coordinator Mayor of Coolsville Brother in arms
  • Anoop

    Commander in chief controller of Mayhem Provider & Saviour of the Fashionistas